Clean Conscience Coffee

This is our approach to buying coffee more ethically. 
We are the first to admit there is no blanket 'best' way to buy coffee, but we are constantly learning, questioning ourselves and seeking to improve how we can buy coffee "better"

Field coffee components are more directly bought from the producers, avoiding the commodity market, Fair Trade, and the rest of the structures that are designed to keep farmers under-paid.

We pay at least 3x the commodity market price and work with the same producers each year, ensuring both consistency of flavour but also more consistency in terms of sales for the producer. 

We buy from Central and South America, with the countries being El Salvador, Brazil and Colombia.

El Salvador has the incredibly sweet and ripe red fruit flavours that are in your cup. These come from Finca Lombardia, in the Santa Ana region.

Our coffees from Brazil are all bought from the Oliviera family in in Minas Gerais, and mainly from one of their farms (which is actually a Fazenda) called Serrinha. Here we buy their Red Catuai which comes from a project on the farm called 'Para Ela' (For Her) that aims to financially empower woman - this lot is sorted and selected by a team of women who receive a 50% higher wage than the region average which contrasts the usual gender pay gap.

Colombia is a country that we buy mainly regional lots, meaning the coffee we buy is a blend of multiple farms product. This is because the farms that we visit in Southern Colombia, mainly the Huila region and also Narino, are very small and do not produce the volume needed to keep a stable and consistent taste profile for you, the drinker. Coffees are purchased and then they are mixed together at the dry mill before they are milled and shipped. 

Regarding Narino; we encourage everyone, whether they're buying coffee from us or another roastery, to buy coffee that comes from Narino in Colombia as it truly helps. Narino is where a lot of the Colombia drug cartels are based, along with the political Farc, and this has a lot of farmers working for these bad organisations in order to make money to feed their families. Buying coffee from producers in Narino enables them to grow, employ people, and it also provides an avenue for farmers that are growing foods to feed the cartels to choose a different path - grow coffee. Narino coffee purchases help. 

There is no coffee that we buy for any less than x2 the price paid that 'Fair Trade' farms receive, as we think that 'fair' begins with something that is actually closer to 'fair'. 

The coffees that comprise all of the Field blends are from the farms that we work with, have been working with for years, and will continue to work with into the future. 
The most beautiful thing about coffee is not the coffee itself, but what the coffee enables, and that is relationships between people, interesting conversations, positive energy, and a future full of helping one another. That's beautiful.