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Ethiopia - Medium Roast Filter

Ethiopia - Medium Roast Filter

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A sweet and fruit forward coffee from the heart of Ethiopia.

Like his father before him, Shonora Gata has spent many years working in the growth and cultivation of Ethiopian coffee, and his children continue the tradition to this day. Named after the father of its current operators, Shonora Coffee Export has been privately producing Ethiopian coffees since the early 1990s.

Shonora Coffee currently grows more than 600 hectares of coffee across 1,700 hectares of fertile, coffee-growing land. They employ or provide work to more than 150 people, and receive coffees from more than 500 smallholder or 'backyard farmers' in the area, who cultivate small numbers of trees in the areas surrounding their home and villages.

Description Mandarin, Cocao, Marzipan
Variety Heirloom
Origin Ethiopia - Guji, Suke Kutu Kebele
Process Washed
Ideal For

Ideal for Pourover (V60, Chemex, Kalita, etc.), Filter Machines, Aeropress, French Press

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500g €/kg: 39.80 €
1kg €/kg: 36,90 €
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