Best places to unwind in Berlin during the Lockdown

Berlin has now been in some form of a lockdown since the start of November - that's over 4 months! We've asked some out wholesale partners where their favourite places to go during the lockdown has been - while the lockdown hasn't been all that kind of our industry it at least has given many of us time to enjoy the outdoor areas in our city.


Paul B

My favourite thing to do in Berlin over lockdown has been to walk around Treptower park. Being able to be in nature is beneficial in many ways but what I love about it is that it includes many different scales of openness. Walking through bushes, treelined walkways, to vast open green spaces, seems to help me to see perspective through this strange time. The soviet memorial which is about midway through my walk offers a great place to stop and have a break. The walk often ends at Insel der Jungend, which has been a great place to view the changing seasons and even have a cheeky hot chocolate sometimes.

Sorrel is a new breakfast cafe opened in September 2020. They focus on quality and contemporary breakfast and lunch options. Upon reopening they will serve Field Espresso as part of their roaster rotation and can also pick up some ags to buy tot take home there too. 

Pannierstr. 40
12047 Berlin


Giacomo P


"During the lockdown we enjoy going out for walks to Grundewald. Luckily Grunewald is not too far from where we live, which makes it very convenient. Being out in the forest helps you to free your mind. Our little son is happy to run around and to see all the dogs. The Grunewald lake and castle are worth a visit. If you plan on going for a longer adventure walk you can visit Teufelsberg and Kiesgrube as well."

Pic: Mitvergnügen


Venue offers a very tasty and unique tapas brunch concept in a beautiful setting. Venue serve Field Coffee's Cherry Ripe Espresso Blend.

Weserstr. 172 
12045 Berlin


Albatross Bakery
Karolina K


"Albatross Bakery is very lucky to be situated neatly between some of the most popular green areas of Berlin--Tempelhof, Hasenheide, and a less green but very sunny in the afternoon, Maybachufer canal. Grabbing a beer after work and going to catch the last sun rays of the day is a tradition, and at least something that we (the staff) could enjoy together, apart from working."


Albatross is an incredible bakery located in Graefekiez, producing a range of wonderful sourdough breads and pasties. Albatross serve Field Coffee's Milky Way Blend and you can also buy bags of Milky Way blend to take home in their Deli Section. 

Graefestr. 66
10967 Berlin


Heartspace Coffee
Alexander v. B

"When he isn't at Heartspace serving coffee and treats, Alex finds comfort walking the sandy banks of the grunewald see on cold winter mornings. He says the trick is to get there early, before other berliners, to enjoy the beautiful silence and the chance of making eye contact with wild deer. It's important to have a little quiet before getting back to the hustle and bustle of busy urbanstrasse."

Heartspace Coffee
offers a fantastic range of healthy and tasty lunch options - with a clear focus on making a making a lot of their ingredients in house. Heartspace serve Field Coffee espresso blends as their daily espresso. 

Heartspace Coffee
Urbanstr. 70a
10967 Berlin


Silo Coffee
Morgan L


"I luckily live quite close to Templehofer Feld, so have been walking through there most days during the lockdown. It was particularly amazing a couple of weeks ago when it was entirely blanketed in snow."


Silo Coffee is a specialty coffee and brunch destination in Friedrichshain. Silo was the first specialty coffee shop in Friedrichshain and is proud to serve Field Coffee. 

Silo Coffee
Gabriel Max Str 4
10245 Berlin

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