Pour Over Brew Guide

A pour over can be the best way to drink roasted coffee, and a well extracted pour over is a great way to start your morning ritual! 

The goal of this brewing method is to create a clean, juicy and sweet cup of coffee. 

Our go-to recipe results in enough coffee for two people and has a 1:16 ratio. This means that for every 1 part coffee there is 16 parts water. 

32g of your favourite Field coffee 
500g water straight off the boil


  1. Pre-wet the paper filter in the pour over - this will remove any paper flavour
  2. Grind the coffee medium-fine - think 'good salt' or a coarse sand
  3. Using your carafe and pour over on top of your scale add the 32g of ground coffee, start a timer and pour 100g of the boiling water onto the coffee grounds. Give it a good stir to ensure all the coffee is wet. 
  4. For 30 seconds you're just going to watch the coffee absorb that water, swell and bubble a little as it releases CO2 and gets ready for you to start pouring water on it again. 
  5. At the 30 second mark, pour until you hit 250g and pour slow enough that this pour takes you from the 30 second mark to the 1 minute mark. The pouring should be circular and in the middle. Circles like a 50c coin. 
  6. Watch it slowly go down.. but at the 1:20 mark you're pouring again up to 400g. This should finish at 1:40, so its quite an aggresive pour. Circular again.
  7. At 2mins you can pour the remaining 100g of water in (up to 500g). Get a spoon and knock the edges of coffee into the middle and watch it drain. 
  8. That it, you've done it. Give your coffee a bit of a stir before serving and make sure you pour their cup before your cup for manners sake.