Creating better coffee, together

Through our White Label program and with various partners across Germany and Europe, we've created a number of Collaborative Coffee projects – some special projects, others for community initiatives and others, just for fun!

  • Goldhahn und Sampson

    Our latest collaborative project, created with the team at Goldhahn und Sampson, resulted in the creation of two bespoke coffees to serve at their beautiful, locations across Berlin.

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  • Standert Coffee

    Cycling and coffee go hand in hand and have a strong history together, so we partnered up with the legends at the notoriously fast Standert Bicycles to create a coffee for that pre-race buzz. 

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  • Kiez Kaffee Kraft

    Operating from their locations in Prenzlauer Berg & Pankow, our friends at Kiez Kaffee Kraft serve and sell the 'Guten Morgen' espresso blend, which we created in partnership with them.

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