Creating better coffee, together

Through our White Label program and with various partners across Germany and Europe, we've created a number of Collaborative Coffee projects – some special projects, others for community initiatives and others, just for fun!

  • Standert Coffee

    Cycling and coffee go hand in hand and have a strong history together, so we partnered up with the legends at the notoriously fast Standert Bicycles to create a coffee for that pre-race buzz. 

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  • Kiez Kaffee Kraft

    Operating from their locations in Prenzlauer Berg & Pankow, our friends at Kiez Kaffee Kraft serve and sell the 'Guten Morgen' espresso blend, which we created in partnership with them.

    Visit the Kiez team 
  • Goldhahn & Sampson

    Our latest collaborative project, created with the team at Goldhahn & Sampson, resulted in the creation of two bespoke coffees to serve at their beautiful Berlin locations.

    More info coming soon 
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