Standert Bicycles

Cycling and coffee go hand in hand and have a strong history together, so we partnered up with the legends at the notoriously fast Standert Bicycles to create a coffee for that pre-race buzz.

Standert Bicycles is a rider owned performance and urban bike brand from Berlin that aims to fill the gap between bespoke bicycles and mass production. It was founded in 2012 as a cycling cafe to create a meeting point for cyclists in Berlin, and since then have transformed into a performance cycling brand.

For Max von Senger, a then-student and bike messenger, cycling had immense appeal. The then 29-year-old product design student thinking the world was his oyster, and his partner, who continually bailed him out from getting in over his head.

Max’s partner, Anna introduced him to Johannes Schroth, a designer heavily involved in Berlin’s hip-hop scene. The three joined forces for the initial branding push, with Johannes designing Standert’s first logos, including the iconic Lucky Cat. By summer 2012, Max and Anna had everything they needed to launch a cycling brand in the Hauptstadt: a vision, a café, and a small collection of steel track frames. 

''Our goal is to redefine the standard of modern cycling and get more people riding metal bikes,'' says Tom Burton, Head of Sales at Standert Bicycles. ''We also have forstered a strong cycling community here in Berlin and want our showroom to be a gathering point for bike rides and events.'' 

These days, the Standert Bicycles team and vision has grown far beyond the first days of sketching, dreaming and planning. However, they continue to innovate and  celebrate everything about bikes, cycling culture and community, including the fuel that keeps them going. In 2021, we teamed up with their team to create a bespoke blend of Colombian and El Salvadorian coffee, a sweet and bright pre-ride espresso to keep you going no matter how many kilometres are ahead of you on the track, road or trail.

Their showroom is centrally located on the border between Kreuzberg and Mitte, which makes it easy to access for locals and tourists alike. When you stop by their showroom to gaze at their incredible bikes, be sure to try a coffee! 

Location: Friedrichstraße 23a, 10969 Berlin
Social media: @standertbicycles
Recommendation: Standert x Field Coffee blend
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