Aeropress Brew Guide

This is a method we recommend for volume brewing, and its super fun to play around with. 

Essentially, you're brewing a strong coffee concentrate and then diluting it with hot water to filter coffee strength. This allows you to brew 200g of coffee but serve 800g (or 4 cups) of coffee!

Ratio: 1 : 4 (50g Ground coffee to 200g water)


  1. Grind your coffee finely, much like espresso or Bialetti.
  2. Let the boiling water sit for a minute. You want to use water around the 90*C point. 
  3. Inverted aeropress on the scale and have a spoon and timer/watch ready. 
  4. Once the water is the right temp > Ground coffee in > 200g water in > Big stir to ensure all the grounds are wet and there are no air bubbles > start the timer. 
  5. For 1 minute the coffee will brew, but every 20 seconds you will stir it a bit. 
  6. Now comes the tricky part - At the minute mark give it another stir and put the cap with the paper filter. Done? Now, holding the whole thing together with one hand put the carafe over the cap and flip everything over. I know, sketchy. 
  7. Push the aeropress down with a lot of pressure (this mimmicks an espresso machine)
  8. You now have strong coffee. A sort of coffee cordial. You can dilute it with as much or as little hot/boiling water as you like but we'd recommend at least 400-600g.


This is a great method for travel or brewing for multiple people. Enjoy and have fun!