Goldhahn und Sampson

To the food lovers of Berlin, the name ‘Goldhahn und Sampson’ is synonymous with quality ingredients, service and knowledge - across their three locations in Berlin, they offer a range of products and wares that captures the heart of culinary enthusiasts.

Since being founded over 17 years ago, Goldhahn und Sampson has grown from a passion project dedicated to great culinary experiences, to an institution complete with cookbooks, cooking courses, wine, groceries and more.

Goldhahn und Sampson began in 2006, when founders Andreas, Sascha, and Thomas decided to create a space for their love of good food and drink. The store’s shelves gradually filled up with ever-new and exciting food items that made their way into the assortment from near and far.

Now with locations across Berlin – including in Charlottenburg, Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg – Goldhahn und Sampson’s product range has been steadily expanding, and their fans are enjoying a growing range of unique and carefully selected products, as well as more than 500 cooking courses per year.

When it comes to the impression and experience they want to leave on their customers, the Goldhahn and Sampson team believes in an approach them encompasses various facets of the culinary world.

''Groceries we wholeheartedly stand behind; coffee that we enjoy drinking ourselves; books that you'd search for in vain in German bookstores, wines that are still considered hidden gems, and a vast array of cooking classes where you can learn, experience, and explore,'' says co-owner Sascha Rimkus. 

Some of the latest additions to Goldhahn und Sampson’s offerings in their locations are two bespoke coffees, created in partnership with the Field Coffee team: an Ethiopian coffee roasted for filter, and Brazilian coffee roasted for espresso. 

When stopping by, be sure to take your time to browse through their large collections of food, cookbooks, wine, coffee and much, much more. 

Location (
Charlottenburg): Wilmersdorfer Str. 102-103
Location (
Prenzlauer Berg): Dunckerstraße 9 (at Helmholtzplatz)
Location (
Kreuzberg): Eisenbahnstr. 42-43 (at Markthalle Neun)
Social media: @GoldhahnSampson

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