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When we very first released our Field Coffee blends, we were intrigued that we started receiving orders from some coffee in Paris. After reaching out over Instagram, we were fascinated by the design project that was being run by those people. We are really into the idea of rethinking 100% profit driven business decisions and saw similarities between Bougie Woogie's approach, labelled 'Slow Design' and how we approach buying coffee so thought it would be nice to introduce Bougie Woogie to our readers.

Bougie Woogie Mirror

Hi Jaz, introduce us to what you do with your design project Bougie Woogie!

Hello Field coffee team!
I'm Jazmin Feige, one of the two designers from Bougie Woogie.
Mati and I are long distance partners (Mati lives in Buenos Aires and I live in Paris) and we created Bougie Woogie to feel a little bit closer to one another and also because doing this dark times since 2020, we discovered the necessity of creating a safe and personal space inside our homes.
Bougie Woogie is a design studio that is focused on the happiness and joy that the interiors can bring to people's lives. The pieces have that "wow factor" that coexists super well with a more minimalistic decor.

Bougie Woogie Table

Tell us about 'Slow Design', why is that important?

The value that the local production & producer has is really important.
The whole process is controlled by us because we produce all "made to order" without unnecessary stocks and the local suppliers we teamed up with are constantly working with us to get better and better all the time.

The whole value chain gains, forgive the repetition, value.
The way we interact with our clients, selling only via catalog is also a way to really give advice and help them find what they are looking for. To really do a "smart purchase" that's worth it because furniture should last a loooooong time in their homes :)


What can we expect from Bougie Woogie in the future?

We are excited about pushing the designs that we have online at the moment but also to continue the relationship with our clients and design more tailor made pieces for them.
On another note, the collaboration world is super interesting because it gives us a chance to co-create new designs that will have our identity mixed with others as well.
And of course, one or two 100% Bougie Woogie projects are on the way just about to be prototyped to see how they look in real life! 

Thank you for your time Jaz!
Check out Bougie Woogie on instagram:

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