Neighbourhood Coffee Chat with Kiez Kaffee & Cafe Kraft founder Marco Prüfer
We caught up with Marco Prüfer the founder of Cafe Kraft (where you can also find Field Coffee beans to take home!) about his passion for coffee, and how he's spreading that passion through his neighbourhood and also online with his new coffee focussed YouTube Channel. Here is what he had to say. 

Cafe Kraft Berlin - Neighbourhood Coffee

You're clearly really passionate about the specialty coffee community, what has attracted you to work with coffee?

After studying business and working full-time as a marketing manager I felt that I would want to do something with my hands, learn a craft and that combined with starting a business. I loved coffee already and even more loved the atmosphere in my favourite cafés. Back then I thought that I could devote a few years to learn the craft of making coffee AND being a host were guests want to come back to. I was always quality focused, and since 7 years I work with coffee and am part of the community and industry and LOVE it.

Tell us about the Kiez Kaffee concept - what roles do you think a great coffee place has in a local neighbourhood?
After being in the shop a LOT the last few years, I now have pulled back a little but only due to my growing family and the time they need AND my focus on spreading the knowledge and love for good and fair coffee + my goal to train and bring up the next generation of passionate baristas and hospitality people. I think small cafés especially those that are located in neighbourhoods play such an important role of spreading the love and knowledge for fair and good coffee. KIEZ KAFFEE is a synonym for me of being the anchor in your neighbourhood, the fall back plan  for our locals in times of mental crisis, when in need for a talk or companionship or just simply a good coffee. We think coffee needs to be approachable, understandable and fairly priced. We don’t charge a ton on our own white labelled coffee brand. We’d rather love to see the people buying less cheap supermarket coffee and buying more coffee where the money they spend is traceable so that they know it ends up in the right hands. We see ourselves as a gate INTO the amazing coffee world for many, a starting place for their exploration and topic.

Field Coffee Cherry Ripe Blend at Cafe Kraft in Berlin
You've recently started a coffee focussed YouTube channel - tell us about that..
I saw a gap between the German language coffee content out there and the kind of content I would have loved to see as a young or beginner coffee person. In the end I am aware that KRAFT is simply a café. But on the other side it is not just simply a café. We don’t roast. How to grow this brand when you don’t roast? How to transport our brand and values? I think by putting out authentic and not too serious coffee content regularly, I can attract more people to our world of fair quality coffee, eventually attract new staff members and of course eventually grow the business. I was very hesitant at first, but now am willing at least to dedicate the year of 2021 to see if this way for us is the right choice. Feedback and video ideas always welcome.

Check out Marco's YouTube Channel 'Kiez Kaffee' where he's giving a lot of great information about specialty coffee in German

Marco runs the wonderful neighbourhood focussed Cafe Kraft
Schivelbeiner Str. 23,
10439 Berlin,

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