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Field Coffee’s Collaborative Coffee partnerships result in the creation of bespoke and custom coffees for businesses across Germany. To celebrate our latest partnership, we spoke to Ingmar Oertel of Goldhahn and Sampson to learn more about their business, philosophy and new line of coffee products. 

To the food lovers of Berlin, the name ‘Goldhahn und Sampson’ is synonymous with quality ingredients, service and knowledge. Over the last 17 years, the business has grown from a passion project dedicated to great culinary experiences, to an institution complete with cookbooks, cooking courses, wine, groceries and more.

Goldhahn und Sampson began in 2006, when founders Andreas, Sascha, and Thomas decided to create a space for their love of good food and drink. The store’s shelves gradually filled up with ever-new and exciting food items that made their way into the assortment from near and far.

Now with locations across Berlin – including in Charlottenburg, Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg – Goldhahn und Sampson’s product range has been steadily expanding, and their fans are enjoying a growing range of unique and carefully selected products.

‘’That's what Goldhahn und Sampson is all about: sharing good food and everything that goes with it with friends and customers,’’ says Ingmar Oertel, Head Barista at Goldhahn und Sampson. 

When it comes to selecting products to showcase and share in their venues, the team goes to great lengths to find products that inspire and educate – a process that Ingmar says stems from their own passion for quality in the culinary world. 

‘’Groceries we wholeheartedly stand behind. Coffee that we enjoy drinking ourselves. Books that you'd search for in vain in German bookstores, wines that are still considered hidden gems, and a vast array of cooking classes where you can learn, experience, and explore.’’ 

The latest additions to Goldhahn und Sampson’s offerings in their locations are two bespoke coffees, created in partnership with the Field Coffee team: an Ethiopian coffee roasted for filter, and Brazilian coffee roasted for espresso.

Berlin has enjoyed a unique position in Europe as a hub for quality, specialty coffee for many years. Ingmar says that the high interest in coffee across the city, as well as from specific groups of customers, motivated the Goldhahn und Sampson team to create their own coffee selection. 

‘’Especially in our Charlottenburg branch, there's an interesting dynamic between customers who specifically inquire about and appreciate specialty coffee, and many Charlottenburg residents who expect a more traditional coffee experience,’’ he says.

‘’Our espresso blend is, in a way, situated in both worlds, and for particularly curious customers, there's always a fruitier guest espresso available in the second grinder.’’ 

The espresso coffee is a dark-roasted blend of 100% arabica coffees, sourced from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. As an espresso, it is extremely sweet and has rich, nutty flavours – for those that enjoy their coffee with milk, the thick, syrupy body also allows it to cut through milk and retain the flavour of coffee. 

The filter coffee, which is made up entirely of arabica coffee from Ethiopia, is sweet and full of vibrant, red berry notes. Ingmar believes that such a flavour profile is ideal for their customer base, as it allows for a variety of brewing methods. 

‘’Coffees from Ethiopia are renowned for their quality, berry notes, and sweetness. Simultaneously, due to their restrained acidity and full-bodied mouthfeel, they are well-suited not only for brewing as filter coffee but also for methods like French Press or Bialetti.’’

For coffee lovers seeking a wider range of options, the Goldhahn und Sampson team will also continue to offer an ever-changing range of coffees from guest roasters – including coffees from internationally renowned roasteries. 

Since they primarily operate as a delicatessen and are not bound to working with just one or two roasters – as is often the case in cafes – Goldhahn und Sampson also look to offer their customers a wide range of specialty coffees from Berlin, Germany, and across Europe, in addition to their new, branded coffee.

As we celebrate the release of these new coffees, it comes at a time when specialty coffee is becoming more complex. However, many customers are not only seeking quality and refinement in coffee products, but also an easier and more streamlined experience of how they can drink and purchase coffee.

Striking a balance between these is essential, and something Ingmar believes can be achieved with proper education, and ensuring quality throughout the supply chain.

‘’I believe the most crucial elements are using good coffee, quality water, and reliable machines. Additionally, there needs to be a mastery of the craft and daily attention when producing coffees. This applies to the cultivation on coffee farms, the roasters from whom we source our coffee, and ultimately to us when we prepare the coffee,’’ he says.

‘’When all the steps align, the customer receives exceptionally good coffee that is only found in terms of quality at selected places. This, to me, is a specialty experience.’’ 

Click here to learn more about Goldhahn und Sampson, their new coffees and other specialty products. 

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