Roasted in Berlin - Why does this matter?



Buying locally produced goods from small producers is nothing new, but during this ongoing COVID crisis it has become even more important to buy locally produced goods. 

There are numerous reasons why buying local is both great for you, society and the planet - From reduced packaging, less shipping and a more robust local economy.

We want to highlight some of the less talked about benefits.

Contribute to a colourful community

By buying from a local, small producer you are helping contribute to the creation of a job. That's great for the local economy, but not only that there is a good chance that the person filling the job is also passionate about what they are doing! This helps create a more diverse and interesting community that you interact with on a daily basis. A diverse range of interesting jobs, full of passionate craftspeople sounds like a wonderful place.

Small business owners care about the communities they operate in

When buying from a local producer, usually that business will be owned by someone living in the community in which they operate in. They will have a vested interest in helping the community grow and can play an important part of the fabric of a healthy society.

Less money spent on marketing, more money spent on wages & the product

There is a good chance that your local producer has significantly less money to be able to spend on marketing and advertising than your typical big producer per sale. Local producers often rely on their quality of product or service to improve their value to their potential customers. While a big business will spend a greater percentage of their turnover on advertising, a small producer will most likely be spending that percentage on paying a staff member, or simply improving the product itself in order to compete. 

Wherever you live, we encourage you to buy local

Even if that means buying a loaf of bread from your local sourdough bakery instead of the supermarket once a month or taking a stroll to your local farmers market instead of buying imported vegetables and fruit every so often. It all helps. 
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