Three summer drink ideas to keep you cool and caffeinated

Heatwaves, storms and fluctuations of 15 degrees from one day to the next … it seems like Summer 2022 has it all! 

With lots of our friends, customers and partner cafes seeking ways to enjoy the sun and their favourite coffee, we put together a list of our favourite summer coffee drinks to keep you caffeinated, cool and dialed in.

Each of the below recipes uses the Cherry Ripe, one of most popular of the Field house blends.


Espresso pouring into a glass of iced tonic water


This drink is a summer classic, and popular all over the world for being both refreshing and incredible to look at. With a few simple ingredients, you can stay hydrated and get the caffeine you need to get your day underway. 


Tonic water (a small bottle will do) 

Single shot of Cherry Ripe espresso 

2-3 cubes of ice


  1. Extract one shot of Cherry Ripe espresso 
  2. Add the ice to your serving glass, followed by the tonic water. The glass should be nearly full, with just enough room to add the espresso. 
  3. Slowly pour the espresso into the glass, and watch an amazing cloud of coffee bloom in the water.

Tonic water contains quinine, a bitter compound that may taste strange on your first sip when combined with espresso. However the sweetness of the coffee should balance this quality, and the bubbles in the water will leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated.


Two takeaway beverages, one with iced coffee and the other with coffee and orange juice combined

There’s a lot of debate about the origins of this drink – we learned about it from German coffee champion, Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery, who enjoyed this juice/coffee combination on a trip to Kazakhstan. It’s juicy, extremely sweet and is even gaining in popularity in clubs (we’ve heard it being ordered in Berghain!) 



Orange juice (we prefer without pulp, but it’s up to you)

Double shot of Cherry Ripe espresso 

4 cubes of ice 



  1. Extract two shots of Cherry Ripe espresso – if you’re using a filter method like Aeropress, remember to keep the ratio of coffee to water high so that it replicates the strength of an espresso. 
  2. Add the ice to your serving glass, followed by the orange juice. The ratio of juice to espresso you use is up to you, but we like the glass about ¾ full of juice. 
  3. Slowly pour the espresso over the juice and ice. The coffee should create a layer on top, with a distinct difference between the juice and espresso. 


Stir and enjoy! The coffee and juice may separate slightly if you let the drink sit, so keep a glass straw or spoon handy to stir again. 


An iced filter coffee pouring into an empty glass


Once viewed merely as a way to water down coffee, preparing iced filter coffee is now a popular way of enjoying filter brews during warmer months and to create a less intense drink for those new to black coffee. 


There’s a few different ways to prepare cold filter coffee, so we’ve summarised a few below:

Option 1: Brew a 'concentrated' coffee over ice cubes – this means using a higher volume of coffee to water, or less water to the same amount of coffee when brewing. The water of the ice cubes will act as the ⁠remainder of the water to balance the brew so it's not as intense. For Aeropress, use 30-40g of coffee to about 120mL of hot water, stirring 10 times and pressing at about 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Option 2: Brew as normal, but over ice – although this means you don"t have to mess around with your ratios, the ice cubes will add a higher volume of water to your finished brew. This may make it slightly watery, but hey, at least it's cold! ⁠

Option 3:  Serve in a chilled vessel. Place the cup(s) you'll be drinking out of in the freezer about an hour before brewing. Make your coffee as normal, then pour into the frozen cup once the coffee has cool down slightly. ⁠


Have another chilled coffee idea for us? Get in touch and share your recipes with us! 

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