Liebling Café and Bar

Sitting in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, Liebling Cafe and Bar is a one-stop for weary travellers, those looking to indulge or for people who like enjoying the good things in life. 

Many cafes in Berlin specialise in the products that they serve, limiting their offerings to cake, coffee and the occasional cold drink. Enter Liebling Cafe and Bar – a stylish venue that provides a smorgasbord of food and drink, including everything from muesli to fancy cocktails. 

When you first enter Liebling, you might be struck by the beauty of the white bar in the centre that is surrounded by mid 20th-century style stools. But this surprise quickly disappears as you see the array of food and drink around – everything from delicious cakes, homemade soups, sourdough bread, directly sourced wines, draft beer, home-made Bircher muesli, fresh salads, regional specialties, changing monthly drinks, and more. 

Among our favourite menu items are the seasonal juices – working with friend and local farmer, 
Neubert, Lieblings juice offerings vary according to the season and what Neubert has available. Simply ask the team about the new varieties of juices, and enjoy knowing that you're shopping (and sipping) local.

The coffee offered at Liebling is also locally roasted, from our team at Field Coffee. Dirk and his team serve our famous Dark Horse blend for most coffees, and offer decaf for those who need a good sleep or are a bit sensitive to caffeine. Of course, they offer it with fresh milk, also sourced from local producers. 

Our favourite thing to do when visiting Liebling is to sit on the terrace and slowly pick away at several meals while sipping on coffees, cocktails and more. Our recommendation – make sure to try the Lieblingsstulle, with sourdough bread, rosemary pork and the option of bergkäse. 

Location: Raumerstraße 36A, 10437 Berlin
Social media: @cafelieblingberlin
Recommendation: Juice from local farmers; 
Coffee: Field Coffee

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