The Friedrichshain-based team at Neumanns love bread, coffee and good products – and especially the incredible moments when you get to enjoy them.

Neumanns first opened its doors in 2016, in the heart of Berlin's art and culture based neighbourhood, Friedrichshain- A few years later, the second store was added, Neumanns Um Die Ecke (Around the Corner). Then in 2022, the opening of their bakery has rounded off the offering, also supplying their stores with fresh bread and a range of famous baked goods.


Whether you're interested in a long brunch with friends over locally roasted coffee, or looking to indulge in some baked goods and sweets, Neumanns can tick all the boxes. The best part is, they're all within easy walking distance of each other – meaning you could have brunch, and follow it up with fresh bread and pastries to take home. 

Location (Neumanns Cafe): Gabriel-Max-Str. 18, 10245 Berlin
Location (Neumanns Um Die Ecke):  Krossenerstr. 18a, 10245 Berlin
Location: Neumanns Bäckerei:  Weichselstraße 32, 10247 Berlin
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