Spontan Coffee

Ever heard the expression 'when pigs fly'? Well, they're flying every day at Moabit's Spontan Coffee – and they're bringing great coffee with them. 

Moabit is an area of Berlin with a unique history – first inhabited in 1685 and incorporated into Berlin in 1861, the former industrial neighbourhood is fully surrounded by three waterways, which define its present-day border and make it an 'island' of sorts.

Between 1945 and 1990, Moabit was part of the British sector of 
West Berlin and directly bordered East Berlin – nowadays, it hosts a range of nice pubs, restaurants and cafes along its quiet streets.

are a specialty coffee shop, located on Gotzkowskystraße on Moabit's southern end, a short walk from the Spree. Although specialty coffee has, until now, been a rare sight in Moabit, the Spontan team are showing their neighbourhood what great quality is all about.

If you're after more than just coffee to drink in, there's something for those with a sweet tooth or are aspiring home brewers. Spontan Coffee offer a range of cheesecakes, vegan cakes, sandwiches, cold drinks, coffee brewing equipment, beans to take home, and more. 

Location: Gotzkowskystraße 28, 10555 Berlin
Social media: @spontancoffeeberlin
Recommendation: Enjoy a nice walk by the Spree after you visit, with a takeaway coffee in hand.
Coffee: Spontan (in colab with Field Coffee), Fjord Coffee Roasters, The Barn

Photos: linraeshane 

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