The story of Straßenbräu began in 2015, when founder Timo opened the first location at Neue Bahnhofstraße 30, directly at Ostkreuz in Berlin. From the first day, their goal was clear: to establish Straßenbräu as an exclusive quality leader with a wide variety of beers in Berlin. 

Timo is constantly full of new ideas for the brewery, enjoying new challenges and activities. He knew the potential of craft beer from Australia and the USA – Berlin, the city of creative people and unlimited possibilities, was the perfect location for a young brewery. So he quit his job in the financial industry and opened the Straßenbräu in November 2015.  

In 2021, Straßenbräu took the next step and opened their own brewery. It includes a capacity of 10 hectoliters and is equipped with an osmosis system, an open fermentation vat for soft and round lagers, three ZKG's with 60° precipitation and good cooling technology that creates really fine lagers.

There would be no STRAßENBRÄU without a wonderful team that has continued to grow since it was founded. Their master brewer, Seba has been there since the company was founded, ensuring that everything is done by hand and that everyone in the team is involved in the development and innovations of the business.

When you stop by the taproom, beer isn't all you'll find – the team also offers Field Coffee for a caffeine hit and energy boost between tastings. 

Location (taproom):  Neue Bahnhofstraße 30
Social media: @strassenbraeu
Recommendations: Try a bit of everything! 

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