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Wholesale Specialty Coffee

Are you looking to use ethically sourced, specialty grade coffees as part of your business on a Wholesale basis?

Field is committed to providing high quality specialty coffee solutions for Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Resellers, Offices and more. Fill in the form below to make contact and request samples for your business.

We provide a variety of services to help your business achieve it's coffee related goals:

Coffee Consultation 

We know each business has unique needs and circumstances when it comes to coffee. We have experience running high volume coffee shops, and can help you create a efficient and profitable coffee business. Our consultation services can include:

- Coffee Selection based on Target Customer Profile
- Equipment Selection based on Targeted Quantity
- Bar Layout Corrections for optimised efficiency
- Business Management Structures


We can provide through our equipment supply partners coffee equipment for both coffee shops, and office set ups. Choosing the right equipment is a critical choice for any coffee business and we help you make the right choice.

White Label Coffee

Get our coffee, with your branding. Our white label program is fully flexible, allowing you to present your clients and customers a fully branded and customised coffee experience. You simply pick the coffee you'd like to work with from our range, or depending on the quantity required we can also create a custom blend and roast profile for your needs. All the coffees we work with are specialty grade & ethically sourced.
We can provide bags, labels, and everything needed - all we need is your label designs.