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We recently hosted a cupping session with one of our partners, GetYourGuide. 

GetYourGuide is a startup that focuses on travel memories, with more than 800 travel experts and technologists located in a beautiful old industrial building in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. 

We selected eight coffees from Field brand and our sister brand, Fjord Coffee Roasters, and invited 10 GYG employees to come and experience different coffee flavors and aromas. 

Cupping allows us to taste the coffee in multiple stages. First, we assess the dry aroma of the freshly ground beans, then the wet aroma when water is poured over them. 

Finally, once the coffee is ready, we begin tasting it in three stages: hot, medium, and cool. It's interesting to see how people's favourite coffee on the table can change drastically between all of these stages.

During the event, we had the chance to speak with Karine, who holds the position of Workplace Experience Coordinator at GetYourGuide. 

She is one of the individuals responsible for choosing the coffee, and here we find out why she decided Field Coffee was the one.

“I'm from Brazil but have been calling Berlin home for the past eight years. One of my biggest passions is beer brewing. There's something magical about crafting your own brews, experimenting with flavors, and sharing the final product with friends.”


“GetYourGuide is an amazing company to work for! It's a multi-culti hub and I'm part of an incredible team here, and I couldn't ask for better colleagues. We're constantly collaborating and pushing boundaries to provide the best experiences for our employees.”

- What type of coffee do you personally enjoy the most?  - A rich, intense espresso to kickstart my day!  

- Do you have your top spot in the office to enjoy a coffee break? The Tower! There are really cozy corners to unwind and recharge. 


- How important do you think coffee is for creating a positive work atmosphere? 

-Coffee plays a significant role in creating a positive atmosphere. It's not just about the caffeine boost; it's about taking a break, stepping away from the tasks at hand, and connecting with colleagues over a cup of coffee.

- What attracted you to the Field brand for your office? - -From the very beginning our experience with Morgan, our first point of contact, was outstanding. He guided us through the process and even arranged a trial, which was incredibly helpful in making our decision. What sets Field apart for us is their commitment to customer service. Ordering is a breeze and they make the entire process seamless and enjoyable.

- Do you believe offering Good quality specialty coffee makes employees happier / boost productivity / boost team spirit ?

- Absolutely! Offering high-quality coffee can boost employee happiness and productivity. It's a simple but effective way to enhance the workplace experience.

- What has been the overall feedback so far from your team about Field Coffee. The overall feedback from our team about Field Coffee has been incredibly positive. Everyone genuinely appreciates the high-quality coffee provided. It's been a hit with everyone!

- How do you see the connection between our coffee culture and your office culture? 

-Just like everyone at Field Coffee is passionate about their brews, our team shares that same enthusiasm. It's not just about the caffeine fix; it's about the experience of enjoying a great cup of coffee.

- Can you tell us a bit about your experience with coffee-related activities to bond the team? 

-Hosting a cupping workshop has been a fantastic experience for our team. It's a wonderful opportunity for everyone, regardless of their department, to come together and bond over our shared love for coffee. Exploring the different coffee varieties, learning about their unique flavors and aromas, and engaging in discussions about our preferences has been both educational and enjoyable. 


“We're eagerly looking forward to hosting another cupping event with Field. It was such a fantastic experience for everyone, and we're excited to make it a regular occurrence. Our goal is to organize one cupping session per quarter. Coffee passion shines!”

It was a truly enriching experience that allowed us to deepen our connections and our passion about coffee. The atmosphere was lovely, we exchanged tasting notes and sharing.








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