We’re delighted to share some exciting news. We've partnered with a fantastic new café where you can now enjoy coffee from Field. We're proud to expandour coffee family and we’re inviting you to visit our new partner. 

Lue is the brainchild of a longtime brunch enthusiast who always dreamed of creating a unique dining experience. Combining a love for brunch with a passion for Asian flavors, the restaurant offers a fresh take on brunch classics with an international twist. Nestled in a family-friendly area next to the picturesque Volkspark Friedrichshain, this spot is perfect for a relaxed gathering with friends.

The standout item is the pandan waffle, which can be enjoyed with either crispy oyster mushrooms or chicken. Pandan, an extract from coconut tree leaves, imparts a distinctive flavor and vibrant green color to the waffle, making it a delightful treat.

Beyond its culinary offerings, the restaurant prides itself on being a welcoming and safe space, especially for the LGBTQI+ community. Guests can savor excellent coffee, homemade lemonades, and a variety of refreshing drinks in an inclusive and friendly environment. 

The mission is to create a community where everyone feels at home and can enjoy the best of brunch together.

See you there!

Location: Hufelandstraße 18, 10407 Berlin, Germany 

Social media: @lue.brunch

Coffee: Field Coffee 

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