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Cherry Ripe - Medium Roast Espresso

Cherry Ripe - Medium Roast Espresso

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Ideal for those that love fruity coffees and brightness in coffee.

For those that like it fruity and full-bodied. 

Cherry Ripe is our answer to those seeking out a coffee that’s bright, sweet and complex. Enjoy it as an espresso to experience notes of clean, red fruits, and with milk to highlight notes of caramel and nuts. 

Tastes like Clean and sweet, with notes of Caramel, Red Apple, Hazelnut, Cherries
Variety 100% Arabica Blend / Heirloom, Red Catuai
Origin Brazil & Ethiopia
Grade Specialty Grade
Ideal For

Ideal for Espresso Machine, Fully Automatic Machine, Stovetop Espresso Machine


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1kg €/kg: 38,5 €
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