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Interview with Ruffatti Batlle - El Salvadorian Coffee Producer on COVID's effects

"the farmer at 1.30 usd/lb gets probably less than 0.60 usd/lb (in commercial settings), so the farmer gets less per kg than the German government. How does that make sense?  The German government is financing some of its expenses on the backs of third world poor ass farmers... If only this tax went to the farmers, they wouldn't be so desperate."


Bougie Woogie

When we very first released our Field Coffee blends, we were intrigued that we started receiving orders from some coffee in Paris. After reaching out over Instagram, we were fascinated by the design project that was being run by those people. We are really into the idea of rethinking 100% profit driven business decisions and saw similarities between Bougie Woogie's approach, labelled 'Slow Design' and how we approach buying coffee so thought it would be nice to introduce Bougie Woogie to our readers. Hi Jaz, introduce us to what you do with your design project Bougie Woogie!Hello Field coffee team!I'm Jazmin Feige, one of the two designers from Bougie Woogie.Mati and I are long distance partners (Mati lives in Buenos Aires and I...


About Field Packaging

All about our coffee packaging A big part of a coffee roastery’s identity is tied into its choice of packaging – that’s usually how you recognise what coffee you are buying and also helps communicate to you what the values of the company are you are buying coffee from. We thought we’d write a small introduction about some of the active choices we’ve made when choosing our packaging and why. Bigger is better One of the first decisions we made when thinking about our packaging was that we wanted to challenge the ‘normal’ things that happen in the industry. 250g has become the standard sizing for a home use bags of coffee. If you use 16g of beans per coffee,...


Introducing Herbie Unverpackt

We are delighted to announce Field Coffees are now available in Berlin at Herbie Unverpackt. We asked Carmela to introduce us to the Unverpackt concept and this is what she said. Tell us about the unverpackt concept - what is it all about? Buying "unverpackt" means literally buying without packaging. If you want to find a solution on how to make less waste, here is the answer: buy without waste. If you look at your trash bin, you will see that the 99% of it comes from food and cosmetic plastic packaging. At Herbie, you can bring your own container, can be anything from glass jars to paper bag to reused plastic bags till Tupperware and so on. You can start buying...